Everyone is a builder, everyone is a beneficiary

Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Roadmap (preliminary plan)


Community Recruitment

Before December 1, 2021, the people DAYU Community official website will release the community white paper, announce the concept and vision, and openly recruit talents.



Before February 2022, peopleDAO Daewoo community exclusive NFT is free. Please pay attention to the official website for the release time. Holding NFT can obtain rights and interests in various aspects such as later chain games and DEX.


More plans

Before March 2022, announce the chain game and DEX development plan (based on the strength of the community to join the team)

All proceeds are fed back to people holders. For example, the DEX fee revenue is planned to be 100% publicly repurchased and destroyed.
History will be created by every holder of people together!